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May 2024

IP Whitelisting for Inbound Traffic Control Copy link

May 17, 2024
Copy link

IP Whitelisting is a critical security feature that restricts inbound traffic to specified IP addresses, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and enhancing access control. This update introduces Altium 365 users to the benefits and functionality of IP Whitelisting, empowering them to strengthen their network security and safeguard sensitive data effectively.

What is an IP Whitelist?

IP Whitelisting acts as a gatekeeper, ensuring that only traffic from trusted IP addresses can access your network. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity and security of your data.

Where is the IP Whitelisting Used?

IP Whitelisting is widely used in business-to-business communication scenarios, where APIs and services are private and intended to be accessed exclusively by specified entities. By implementing IP whitelists, organizations can establish secure communication channels with trusted partners, safeguarding against unauthorized access.

How Does it Work?

IP Whitelisting functions by filtering incoming traffic at the network's entry point, effectively blocking unwanted traffic before it can reach sensitive resources. This selective access minimizes resource interference and optimizes network performance by reducing unnecessary load and allowing access exclusively to pre-approved IP addresses. This feature is particularly designed for administrators who can manage and control access through the "Admin - Inbound Traffic" section.



Key Features:

  • Restrict Access: Only IP addresses explicitly approved by administrators can access the workspace. By limiting access to approved IP addresses, IP Whitelisting reduces the attack surface and mitigates the risk of security breaches.
  • Centralize Access Management: Administrators have the sole authority to add and manage IP addresses through the Altium 365 Admin Settings. This includes the ability to add both individual IPs and ranges of IPs. With exclusive control over IP Whitelisting, Altium 365 workspace admins can centrally manage and oversee access permissions, ensuring compliance with security protocols.
  • Scalability and Maximum Capacity: IP Whitelisting offers a scalable solution for electronic development in Altium 365. It supports up to 100 approved IP addresses and provides ample capacity for organizations of varying sizes to manage access effectively.
  • VPN Compatibility: If a VPN's IP address is whitelisted, users connecting through that VPN will gain access, ensuring that security is maintained without sacrificing flexibility.

Initial Setup:

For security purposes, administrators must first add their own IP address to the whitelist before adding others, ensuring that the setup process is controlled and secure from the start. Subsequently, they can add other necessary IPs, setting a robust foundation for controlled access. Watch our detailed walkthrough below:


Visit the to explore its capabilities and learn more about our documentation.

February 2024

Introducing Octocart in Altium 365 BOM Portal Open Beta Copy link

February 23, 2024
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🛒 Uninterrupted Procurement at Your Fingertips

  • Direct Supplier Integration: Easily create a shopping cart on supported supplier websites like Mouser, Newark, Digi-Key, Online Components, and more on the way.
  • Efficient BOM Management: Transform your BOM management experience by reducing manual steps.

How to Use It:

  1. Initiate Purchase: Click on the shopping cart icon in the managed BOM view of BOM Portal.
  2. Explore Suppliers: In the Octocart panel, view the list of supported suppliers used in your BOM's order list.
  3. Buy with Ease: Click 'Buy' or 'Buy All' to create a shopping cart on the supplier’s website.

Octocart ensures a smooth transition from BOM management to procurement.


Try BOM Portal now.

👉 Get Started: Accelerate your procurement process with Octocart in Altium 365 BOM Portal and experience the convenience of integrated shopping and custom pricing.

Explore BOM Portal’s capabilities and learn about Custom Part Sources: List View Features, including Octocart and Custom Supplier Prices.

Custom Parts Provider Pricing: Altium 365 BOM Portal Copy link

February 9, 2024
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Tailored Pricing for Smarter Design Decisions

Strong supplier relationships are key to long-term business growth. This month, we focused on enabling deeper relationships with our customers and suppliers with Altium 365*. Now you can easily configure and view Custom Parts Provider Pricing for any BOM to scale your business and supplier relationships. 

Real-Time Price Insights for Accurate Costing: View custom prices and special discounts from your suppliers directly in BOM Portal. With Custom Prices Support, you see real, discounted prices instead of generic ones during BOM and part selection, enabling more accurate part decision-making.

Consolidate Part Usage to Unlock Price Breaks: You can manage and collaborate on BOMs across projects to consolidate part usage to common preferred parts for bulk purchasing. No more switching between platforms and BOMs to view real prices, simplifying the design process and procurement.

How to Use It

  1. Set Up Supplier Accounts: Configure supplier accounts in Altium 365's Altium Part Provider page, using your username and password for authentication.
  2. Custom Pricing Integration: Once set up, custom pricing info from suppliers like Samtec, TTI, and Future Electronics appears alongside general pricing across all relevant Altium 365 features.
  3. Visible to All: While setup requires admin access, the feature and its benefits are visible to all users on the platform.

Configure Custom Prices

What to Expect

Immediate Access to Custom Prices: Get custom prices for used parts in Altium 365, including apps like BOM Portal.

*BOM Portal purchase is required to enable the secure connection to external part providers, but the pricing information is available on all apps connected to your Altium 365 Workspace.



👉 Get Started: Enhance your design process with tailored pricing information in Altium 365. Set up your supplier accounts today and make informed part decisions with ease.

Visit the to explore its capabilities and learn more about our documentation.

January 2024

Introducing Altium 365 BOM Portal NEW APP Copy link

January 25, 2024
Copy link

We are excited to unveil the Altium 365 BOM Portal, a new application designed to help engineers and procurement professionals reduce costly design respins and improve time to market with unmatched part data insights and collaboration features for all your electronic BOMs.

Proactive BOM Management & Collaboration

The Altium 365 BOM Portal bridges the gap between engineering and procurement, making their interaction more efficient for improved project efficiency. Centralizing supply chain and component lifecycle management on one platform enables swift, informed decision-making and reduces the effort in cross-departmental communications. This integration bolsters team coordination and accelerates the overall design-to-production process.

Unique Organizational Insights

The BOM Portal simplifies the import process, effortlessly integrating your existing BOM data from all your ECAD tools. Additionally, the portal allows for the creation of 'managed BOMs' from existing PCB projects, offering efficient and tailored BOM management for your organization. Beyond simple imports, it enriches BOM parts with additional data from leading providers like Octopart, IHS Markit, SiliconExpert*, and Z2Data* (coming soon), ensuring up-to-date specifications and supply chain details. 

Unique Organizational Insights

Data-Driven Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

The BOM Portal proactively monitors part supply chains and offers alerts on potential issues to preempt production disruptions, including availability and pricing across designated distributors. Make reliable supply chain decisions with ranked alternates for every component with part risk assessments and library health insights. Additionally, it incorporates “where-used” tracking for effective impact analysis and obsolescence management.

Supply Chain - BOM Portal

Spreadsheet Simplicity Meets Advanced Functionality

Combine the ease of spreadsheet-style management with the robustness of advanced document control. The capabilities of the BOM Portal extend to secure data sharing, easy data organization, and customizable BOM lifecycle states. The BOM Portal enhances BOM management efficiency, offering direct analysis and issue resolution from the interface. This feature-rich environment aligns with your design data, promoting an integrated and efficient approach to component management.

Issues - Bom Portal


SiliconExpert Integration: Admin Settings and Parameter Categories Copy link

January 12, 2024
Copy link

The SiliconExpert integration opens access to many critical part properties; however, not all properties might be useful for every company. To help you focus on your key data points, we introduced the capability to control the default list of SiliconExpert properties that are visible in Altium tools. So when you request SiliconExpert information for specific parts, we will show only a specific dataset for each part. You can change these settings anytime and additional data will be available in the tool without additional quota usage if you already requested data for that part.

Admin settings (Admin -> Apps -> SiliconExpert) allow you to see your Part Quota limit, count, and remaining balance. More importantly, you can select settings visibility on the Workspace level to manage your part data request quota and parameter list. The Data Visibility Settings are split into parameter categories:

SiliconExpert Admin Settings

Checks Manager

The Checks Manager allows you to configure default checks for all BOMs, ensuring consistency and efficiency across your workflow.

Standardized Checks: Set uniform Check criteria and Report Level for all projects and BOMs, maintaining consistency and quality standards. Report Levels:

  • Fatal Error
  • Error
  • Warning
  • No Report

Efficiency Boost: Save time by avoiding repetitive setup for each new project or BOM.

Configure the Check Manager

Latest Parameter List - Jan 12, 2024


  • Countries of Origin
  • ECCN (Export Control Classification Number)
  • HTSUSA (Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States)
  • Last Check Date
  • Schedule B (Export Schedule B Number)
  • SE Grade (Specific Grade or Category)
  • TARIC (Integrated Tariff of the European Communities)
  • UNSPSC (United Nations Standard Products and Services Code)

Environmental - Specific Certifications

  • Bisphenol A (BPA) Free
  • Halogen Free
  • Lead Free
  • Green (Eco-friendly certification)

Environmental - Global Compliance

  • California Proposition 65
  • China RoHS Status
  • EU SVHC List Version
  • EURoHS
  • Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)
  • WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive)
  • ELV (End of Life Vehicle Directive)

Environmental - Substance Restrictions

  • Global PFAS Assessment Status
  • Inorganic Phosphorus Content
  • ODC (Ozone Depleting Chemicals)
  • PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid)
  • PFOS (EU Directive 2006/122/EC)
  • Phthalates Content
  • Rare Earth Element Information
  • TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act)

Environmental - RoHS and REACH Compliance

  • RoHS Exemption
  • RoHS Status
  • RoHS Version
  • REACH Contains SVHC
  • REACH Restriction (Annex XVII)
  • REACH SVHC Exceeds Threshold Limit
  • REACH(SVHC) Information

General Compliance - Automotive Industry

  • Automotive
  • AEC Number
  • AEC Qualified

General Compliance - Other Standards

  • IEC 62474
  • PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)

Overall Risk Assessment

  • Overall Risk
  • Overall Risk Percentage

Lifecycle Risk Information

  • Estimated EOL Date (End of Life)
  • Lifecycle
  • Lifecycle Risk
  • LTB Date (Last Time Buy)
  • Obsolescence
  • Part Lifecycle Stage
  • YTEOL (Years-to-End-of-Life)

Multisourcing Risk

  • Crosses Available Within Part Category
  • Multi Sourcing Risk

Compliance Risk

  • Conflict Mineral
  • RoHS Risk

Inventory Risk

  • Inventory Risk
  • Other Sources

Military Specifications

  • FSC (Federal Supply Classification)
  • Military Part Number
  • Military Specification
  • Military Taxonomy
  • NSN (National Stock Number)
  • Vendor Part Number

Learn more about the SiliconExpert Integration or read more content.

Read the integration announcement.

Altium 365 Assembly Assistant: Available Now in the Altium Store New App Copy link

January 8, 2024
Copy link

Happy New Year! 🎉 We are thrilled to announce that the Altium 365 Assembly Assistant is now officially released and available for direct purchase through the Altium Store.

Fast and Accurate Manual Board Assembly

Manual PCB assembly often involves tedious cross-referencing between BOM and PCB printouts and navigating various CAD software. Assembly Assistant addresses these challenges by providing a web-based tool to simplify manual PCBA placement, improve efficiency, and minimize errors. Designed for ease and accuracy, the interface allows users to focus on precise assembly with an intuitive, user-friendly interface, eliminating the need for cumbersome paper printouts and complex CAD software navigation. 

  • Cut prototype/manual PCB assembly time by up to 50%.
  • Combine BOM, PCB Viewer, and assembly instructions in one app.
  • Avoid errors with cross-probing, linking BOM to 3D view for accurate orientation.
  • Minimize costly production delays by ensuring accurate component placement.
  • Design and BOM changes are instantly updated with the latest information.

Easy Design Navigation and Inspection

Purchasing Assembly Assistant

With its availability in the Altium Store, you decide when to buy and start using it immediately.

Independent Licensing with Direct Purchase: Effective January 1st, 2024, Assembly Assistant has independent licensing and will not be included with Altium 365 or Altium Designer subscriptions. Purchase Assembly Assistant from the Altium Store.

License Terms: Access to Assembly Assistant is associated with a unique user (named user), identified by a unique email/username. Each license is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Evaluate Before Purchase: As part of the free trial, you can assemble up to 10 boards at no cost, allowing you to experience the practical benefits of our Assembly Assistant firsthand.

Accessing Assembly Assistant

Assembly Assistant is available from the WIP view of a specific project, or from the Design Snapshot view of a project Release. Choose the Assembly Assistant option in the navigation tree to open the Assembly application in its interactive preview mode, and then at any time, invoke the assembly process mode from the Start Assembly button.

Accessing Assembly Assistant

December 2023

Project Visualization Shortcuts in Altium 365 Web Viewer Copy link

December 22, 2023
Copy link

Altium 365 Web Viewer introduces a suite of new visualization shortcuts and features, enhancing the user experience for rigid-flex and standard design projects. These productivity improvements significantly enhance the design and review process, offering more intuitive and efficient ways to navigate and visualize electronic designs.

Key Enhancements

Rigid-Flex Design Interaction:

  • Users can fold and unfold rigid-flex boards using the "5" hotkey, streamlining design manipulation.

3D View Customization:

  • Flip the top/bottom view in 3D for any design using the "F" hotkey or the top/bottom buttons in the Objects panel.
  • The ability to toggle the visibility of various objects in 2D and 3D views, including polygons, 3D objects, and connection lines.

Advanced Navigation Tools:

  • Implementing “2” and “3” keyboard shortcuts for quick switching between PCB 2D and 3D views respectively.
  • Double-clicking on an object selects the entire net, while single clicks offer iterative selection around the cursor.

Enhanced URL Context:

  • The URL includes additional context such as window zoom/location, design/document view (e.g., SCH sheet 1 vs SCH sheet 2 vs PCB vs BOM), layers enabled (for PCB), and variant selection. This feature enables users to return to their exact previous view when reloading a page or sharing URLs.

Altium 365 Web Viewer - Shortcut Navigation


For a complete overview of Viewer updates, visit the Altium forum here.

Harness Design Documents in Altium 365 Web Viewer Beta Copy link

December 15, 2023
Copy link

This November, we introduced the Harness Wiring Component as the first step to reduce the need for third-party harness tools. This month, we present Altium 365 Web Viewer support for Harness Design Documents establishing a comprehensive, interactive browser environment for harness design collaboration with no tool installation or maintenance. All project stakeholders have a single space to review, inspect, and comment on the documents of harness and PCB designs (single and multi-board). Now team members can communicate design intent more effectively and reduce misunderstandings and delays.

Uploading and Creating Harness Projects

Navigate to your Workspace Projects tab and select New.

"Adding Harness Projects in Altium 365"

  1. Use Upload Project for existing projects.
  2. Use Create Project to select the 
    • Select Harness for your Project Template.

"Create Harness Project on Altium 365"

Navigate Document Structure and Properties:

Once you have created your project, four tabs are available for Wiring, Layout, BOM, and Draftsman documents. Harness documents listed under “Design > Source Documents” retain their Altium Designer order. You can share, comment, and inspect your harness design documents with the Properties panel to improve communication.

Navigating Harness Projects

"Navigating Harness Projects"


PDF and Non-CAD Files in Altium 365 Web Viewer Copy link

December 8, 2023
Copy link

Support for non-CAD design files enriches collaboration by enabling online access to a complete set of project files, streamlining communication and decision-making, and making design reviews more comprehensive and efficient.

What are Non-CAD Project Files?

Non-CAD project files are essential components of a design project that aren't directly related to the CAD design. These include datasheets, design specifications, simulation results, and more in PDF, XLSX, CSV, DOCX, and ZIP formats.

Why This Feature?

Until now, the Altium 365 Web Viewer supported only Altium design files such as SCH/MBS, PCB/MBA, BOM, and Draftsman. However, users typically work with a broader range of project files that are available in Altium Designer, but not in the Web Viewer. This enhancement provides the foundation to track the complete project document spectrum within the Web Viewer, including both design and non-CAD files.

Accessing Non-CAD Project Files

  1. Open your project in the Altium 365 Web Viewer.
  2. Navigate to “Expand design >> other documents.”
  3. Select a PDF document to view or download it.
  4. For non-PDF documents, users can download them directly from the viewer.

Note: Only PDF files can be visualized directly in the Web Viewer, but other document types are available for download.

PDF in Altium 365 Web Viewer


For a complete overview of recent Viewer updates, visit the Altium forum here or watch the update video at this link. Try it for yourself with the Altium 365 Guide.

November 2023

Altium 365 Update: Introducing Harness Wiring Component Copy link

November 10, 2023
Copy link

The Harness Wiring Component integrates revision control for harness components, eliminating the need for manual copying and pasting of wire and cable designs. This enhancement is aimed at making the design process more efficient and error-free.


Our team is actively working to enhance the Harness Wiring Component feature, improving component usage tracking and implementing automatic updates for the latest cable revisions in Harness Wiring documents.


To learn how to create a Harness Wiring Component for use with Harness Design in Altium Designer, visit our documentation here. Engage with the community in our forum to exchange ideas with fellow users and connect with the Altium team here. We're here to answer your questions and support your needs.

October 2023

Gerber and ODB++ Upload Copy link

October 10, 2023
Copy link

The new feature is a valuable tool for engineers and designers who must share their designs with others or store and manage Gerber and ODB++ files. It can also be used to collaborate on legacy projects that use Gerber and ODB++ files.

To try the new feature, click the Upload button to your Altium 365 Workspace. Then, select the Gerber or ODB++ files you want to upload. Once the files are uploaded, you can view them, share them with others, and collaborate on them in real time.


Key Features:

Ability to Upload ODB++ and Gerbers: Altium allows users to upload ODB++ and Gerber manufacturing data directly into the workspace.

Manage Outputs in Altium 365 Workspace: Users can securely manage the outputs of current and legacy projects within the Altium 365 workspace. This likely streamlines project management and accessibility.

ODB++ Features: With uploaded ODB++ data, users can switch between layers, take 2D measurements, share their designs, and add comments. This makes it easier to collaborate and work on PCB designs.

Support for Gerber Formats: Altium supports both Gerber X2 and Gerber RS-274X formats and corresponding NC Drill files. This is crucial for PCB fabrication and ensures compatibility with different manufacturing processes.

Gerber Inspection and Management: For uploaded Gerber files, users can browse and inspect fabrication data, place and manage comments, toggle the visibility of layers, and perform measurements between placed datum points. This enhances the ability to review and fine-tune PCB designs.

Feedback and Support: We value your feedback! If you have any comments or suggestions or run into any issues while using this feature, please don't hesitate to let us know. Your input helps us improve Altium 365 Workspace.

Join the Discussion: Join the conversation on our forum to share your thoughts, ask questions, and connect with other users: Altium Forum.


To gain further insight into the process of uploading a Gerber or ODB++ Fileset, kindly click on the following link: Projects in an Altium 365 Workspace | Altium 365 Technical Documentation

August 2023

Altium MCAD CoDesigner 3.5.0: New Features and Enhancements Copy link

August 3, 2023
Copy link

New harness synchronization capability. This allows engineers to push the harness definition from ECAD to MCAD, where the mechanical engineer can define the cable routing through the enclosure and the connections to the printed circuit boards. The 3D harness definition can then be pushed back from MCAD to ECAD as part of the multi-board assembly. The physical length of wires, cables, and harness segments is assigned to the corresponding Harness entities in ECAD.

Multi-board assembly support for PTC Creo. This allows electrical and mechanical engineers to collaborate on the design of multi-board assemblies, including the synchronization of boards, mechanical enclosure, and 3D harness routing. 

Other enhancements. These include improved processing of component models, working with workspace folders, and support for the new versions of MCAD software.



We recommend diving deeper into the new features and improvements of MCAD CoDesigner 3.5.0 by exploring the complete release and details in the New Altium MCAD CoDesigner.

Altium 365 Integrates with SiliconExpert Copy link

August 1, 2023
Copy link

Altium is excited to announce our new integration of SiliconExpert into Altium 365! This integration provides access to a wealth of component data directly within the Altium 365 WebViewer, the Manufacturer Part Search, and your ActiveBOM, enhancing your design process and decision-making capabilities.

Comprehensive Component Data

Explore data on over a billion electronic parts, ranging from the simplest resistors to the most complex ICs. With this integration, you gain direct access to extensive details sourced straight from manufacturers, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

Risk Management

Mitigate design and production risks with comprehensive metrics, including YEOL date, multi-sourcing, and inventory risks, all accessible within Altium 365. This proactive risk management toolset fosters strategic decision-making, enhancing the reliability and longevity of your projects. With SiliconExpert's data, you can anticipate disruptions, effectively manage supply chain risks and safeguard the integrity of your designs.

Accurate and Reliable

Trust in the high-quality data driven by SiliconExpert's strict data integrity protocols. Regular updates guarantee that the component data you access is always the most recent, providing you with the most reliable information for your designs. Join countless engineers and manufacturers worldwide who trust and rely on SiliconExpert for their component data needs.

Experience the combined power of Altium 365 and SiliconExpert now, and design with confidence like never before!


To learn more about the SiliconExpert integration and get updates, please visit the following link: Design with Confidence: Altium 365 Meets SiliconExpert.

July 2023

Altium 365 CMMC Level 1 Copy link

July 28, 2023
Copy link

Altium has achieved CMMC Level 1 self-assessment, demonstrating our commitment to security. Users benefit from enhanced data protection, trusted relationships, access to SPRS scores, and CMMC 2.0 compliance. Organizations can leverage Altium 365 GovCloud to satisfy CMMC 2.0 requirements.

The SPRS score, the summary level score, helps identify a government contractor’s progress toward implementing the NIST SP 800-171 security controls.

We are actively working towards achieving Level 2 certification under CMMC 2.0. It is important to note that the CMMC Levels are cumulative, meaning that each level builds upon the requirements of the previous one..


For security and compliance information, visit our Trust Center. Altium 365 is designed to meet the requirements of defense and government projects. You can find the answer to your question and access the FAQ section by clicking here: My company works on defense or government projects. Can Altium 365 be used for such projects? Do you have corresponding certifications or compliance programs (NIST, ITAR, etc.)? Has your company achieved a Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) of level 3 or higher?

Altium 365 PCB Compare Feature is Released Copy link

July 28, 2023
Copy link

We are grateful to our beta testers for their valuable feedback. Your insights and suggestions have helped us significantly improve the product, and we couldn't have done it without you.

Specifically, your feedback helped us to:

  • The ability to reset the view by clicking outside of targeted objects.
  • The ability to show a legend that describes the colors representing the added/removed/modified objects visually and in different list icons.
  • The ability to filter the Differences list according to enabled layers:

The PCB Compare feature is valuable for PCB designers. It can be used to:

  • Save time and money by identifying design differences between versions before prototyping, uncovering potential problems early on, and avoiding costly iterations.
  • Help designers find differences between versions that are difficult to see with the naked eye.
  • Track changes and ensure design consistency with version comparison during development.
  • Pre-manufacturing verification to minimize production issues, ensuring a smoother manufacturing process.

Users can open the Project History or Releases page in the Altium 365 Web Viewer or Altium Designer to access the PCB Compare feature. From there, they can select two commits or releases to compare. Stay tuned for more updates and advancements as Altium continues to empower designers worldwide. 


To learn how to invite other users to your Altium 365 workspace, please visit the following link: Design Data Comparisons in an Altium 365 Workspace | User Manual | Documentation

June 2023

Altium 365 Web Viewer's Multi-board Schematic (MBS) and Assembly (MBA) Copy link

June 13, 2023
Copy link

When you open a Multi-board project from the main Projects page, you will find tabbed view options for schematic (MBS) and board assembly (MBA) views.


The Altium 365 Web Viewer interface provides universal access to Multi-board projects through a web browser, allowing you to perform standard operations like opening, sharing, and renaming. You can navigate through child projects, explore their content, and delve into the properties of MBS entities, including Modules and Connections.

Every subproject can now be individually opened, allowing you to understand their unique contributions to the overall design. The Multi-board Tasks and Releases views utilize the Multi-board's subprojects, facilitating effortless tracking and managing the progress. The History view showcases a timeline of major events that have occurred chronologically.