Procurement / Supply Chain

If I can’t get early access to the bill of materials, I'm unable to identify cost or part availability issues,
which usually leads to additional board redesigns and delays.

Procurement-Driven Design Decisions

Procurement-Driven Design Decisions icon

Procurement and purchasing teams can actively participate in the design decisions throughout the entire development process. If you need to replace a part at any stage, you have the tools to trace the part and estimate the impact with the where-used functionality, along with a straightforward process to manage the change: submit an engineering change order (ECO) directly from the BOM document or attach a comment to the BOM entry. (coming soon)

Better Decisions with Enriched Supply Chain Data

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Eliminate guesswork with accurate part specifications, compliance info, and up-to-date supply chain data integrated with Octopart, IHS Markit®, SiliconExpert®, and Z2Data®. Navigate alternative sourcing confidently to avoid part shortages and compatibility pitfalls, ensuring projects proceed smoothly without expensive rework. Proactively track your part supply chain and receive warnings to promptly address issues before they disrupt production.

Proactive Risks and Costs Management

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Utilize insights from over 200 distributors via Octopart and access information on more than a billion parts through our data integrations to effectively monitor BOM statuses and proactively address potential issues. This method facilitates informed decision-making and optimizes supply chain resilience, helping to avoid delays and efficiently maintain project timelines and budgets.

Core Features of Altium 365

Cloud Storage & Hardware Version Control

Cloud Storage & Hardware Version Control

All your libraries and design data are in one secure workspace with granular access control so everyone can access the right design data at the right time. The system is built with the Git version control system under the hood and optimized for hardware development. Enjoy full traceability and transparency by knowing who made changes to the project, when, and why. Quickly identify what changed with a visual diff designed specifically for hardware. Easily revert to previous versions if needed, and never wonder again whether the “v4_final2” is truly the final version.

Cloud Libraries

The components library is one of your most valuable design assets. Ensure its integrity and manage your components in one central and secure location so that everyone working on a board design can use the same set of validated components. Component templates standardize the component creation process, ensuring all the required parameters are populated. With defined component lifecycles, your team always knows which components can be used in a design and which ones are obsolete.

Web Viewer

Deliver higher quality products to market faster than your competitors with transparent design reviews and sharing. Share the real-time state of projects with team members, manufacturers, and even customers to review and mark up your designs without ever leaving your design space. Anyone with internet access can view, search, cross probe, and comment on your project from a browser, with no additional Altium Designer licenses required.

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