Mechanical Engineering

I work closely with electrical engineers because the density of electronics in our products
requires close collaboration. However, our manual data exchanges are laborious and slow.

MCAD-ECAD Bi-directional Synchronization

MCAD-ECAD Bi-directional Synchronization icon

Enable seamless transfer of several intricate design features between ECAD and MCAD environments, including enclosure models, copper geometry, keep-out areas, rigid-flex designs, harness designs, and multi-board assembly. This allows mechanical and electrical engineers to leverage the full capabilities of their respective CAD software, facilitating streamlined workflows, and reducing errors associated with manual data translation.

Accuracy of Design Data

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Manually transferring files between ECAD and MCAD is error-prone, often leading to unnoticed issues surfacing late in the development cycle. Reduce misalignments and errors between electrical and mechanical designs by preserving the accuracy of native data transferred between electrical and mechanical CAD tools.

Elevate and Accelerate Collaboration

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Describing engineering changes solely through text-based communication can be challenging and prone to misunderstandings. Now, you can design better products and increase innovation by enabling bi-directional design data sharing and communications. Reduce lost time, design delays, and bottlenecks that occur when teams have to export, share, and import intermediate CAD files between teams.

Core Features of Altium 365

ECAD-MCAD Integration

Turn electronic and mechanical collaboration challenges into a competitive advantage by seamlessly working across domains without loss of intent or time. Bi-directional data transfer between your ECAD and MCAD tools makes it easy to collaborate with your mechanical team and share design revisions as they happen. Native integration with Inventor®, SOLIDWORKS®, and PTC Creo® is up to 10x faster than your typical error-prone data exchange methods.

Cloud Storage & Hardware Version Control

Cloud Storage & Hardware Version Control

All your libraries and design data are in one secure workspace with granular access control so everyone can access the right design data at the right time. The system is built with the Git version control system under the hood and optimized for hardware development. Enjoy full traceability and transparency by knowing who made changes to the project, when, and why. Quickly identify what changed with a visual diff designed specifically for hardware. Easily revert to previous versions if needed, and never wonder again whether the “v4_final2” is truly the final version.

Web Viewer

Deliver higher quality products to market faster than your competitors with transparent design reviews and sharing. Share the real-time state of projects with team members, manufacturers, and even customers to review and mark up your designs without ever leaving your design space. Anyone with internet access can view, search, cross probe, and comment on your project from a browser, with no additional Altium Designer licenses required.

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