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JIRA Integration

Synchronize your electronics design process with Jira

Save Time with Simplified Task Tracking

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Save engineering hours and reduce errors with bi-directional synchronization that eliminates the need to manually update information in Altium 365 and Jira.

Better Decisions with Enhanced Project Visibility

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Ensure you always have the current status of your electronics projects for better decision-making by automatically synchronizing Altium 365 with your Jira tasks.

Key Capabilities

Real-Time Task Tracking and Updates  coming soon

Save time by using real-time updates to streamline task exchange and tracking.

Secure Bi-directional Integration  coming soon

Altium 365 and Jira auto-sync tasks, issues, statuses, and comments for seamless collaboration.

In-Context Task Management  coming soon

Stay organized with Altium 365's Tasks features, including email notifications, a kanban board, and issue linking within the context of a design.


Does the Jira integration work with a basic subscription?

The Jira integration is a separate application that is not yet available but is expected soon. It will require a separate license. However, it will be available for free to users with an Organizational Security Package.

When is the Jira integration expected to be available?

The open beta is expected to be available around the end of June. 

How can we acquire the app?

To acquire the app, interested parties should enter their email on the Jira integration website, and a salesperson will contact them.

What happens to Jira ticket comments in the schematics when the ticket is marked as Done?

When a ticket is marked as Done, the comment will vanish but will remain visible in the Done column of the task dashboard in Altium 365.

Can we integrate Altium Designer, not Altium 365, with Jira? How do we do it?

To configure and connect the Jira integration, you need to use Altium 365. Once configured through Altium 365, it can be used with your Altium Designer.

Can multiple Altium 365 projects be mapped to one Jira project?

Yes, multiple Altium 365 projects can be mapped to one Jira project and vice versa.

Can an Altium 365 task or comment be converted into a Jira task?

You must decide during creation whether to create an Altium 365 comment/task or to create/link a Jira issue. You cannot convert an existing Altium 365 comment into a Jira issue.

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