Supply Chain Management

Bridge the Gap Between Engineering and Procurement

Integrated BOM Management

BOM Management Integrated into Hardware Development

Procurement and purchasing teams can actively participate in design decisions throughout the entire development lifecycle. You can replace a part at any stage with tools to trace the impact, and a straightforward process manages the change via an engineering change order (ECO) from a BOM document or a comment attached to a BOM entry.

Proactive Risk and Cost Management

Proactive Risks and Costs Management

BOM documents are automatically enriched with up-to-date price, availability, manufacturer lifecycle, and alternate part choice data from leading providers including Octopart, IHS Markit, and SiliconExpert. You can also proactively monitor your BOM health with automated checks for issues.

Make Better Decisions with Supply Chain Data

Up-to-date Supply Chain Data

Embed real-time supply chain data within your design flow to enable engineers and procurement teams to make informed decisions during part research with details on price, availability, compliance, and risks.This minimizes back-and-forth discussions between teams and ensures alignment from the beginning of a project

Key Applications

BOM Portal℠

Reduce costly design respins and improve time to market with unmatched part data insights and collaboration features. Proactively mitigate risks within your supply chain throughout the product lifecycle and across all your BOMs and parts.


SiliconExpert Integration

Gain access to up-to-date, detailed component data directly from manufacturers to drive your BOM strategy. Get ahead with enhanced risk analysis, YTEOL (Years to End of Life) dates, multi-sourcing, and inventory risks, and effortlessly find alternate parts.

Z2Data Integration

Build resilience in engineering, compliance, and procurement with one of the most comprehensive supply chain and component data integrations. Revolutionize how you manage your supply chain risk with detailed part datasheets, lifecycle data, RoHS & REACH status, and Z2Data’s proprietary 6-point part scoring algorithm.

S&P Global (formerly IHS Markit) Integration

Improve your part selections with advanced component data including part descriptions, manufacturer lifecycles, technical parameters, alternative suggestions, datasheets, and compliance details for RoHS and REACH SVHC.

Octopart Integration

Accelerate your design process with access to millions of ready-to-use components in Altium 365. Never worry about part availability with real-time supply chain data available at your fingertips directly from distributors.

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