Altium 365 GovCloud

Altium 365 GovCloud is a dedicated region of the Altium 365 cloud platform situated
within the US, operated exclusively by US Persons in the AWS GovCloud region.
Opting to have an Altium 365 workspace on the GovCloud region can help
organizations comply with various US government regulations such as ITAR and EAR.

US Persons

Operation of the region on the Altium side is restricted to US Persons only. Altium customers determine and control who they add to their workspace and who they grant access to the data stored in the workspace.

US Soil

AWS GovCloud US-East and US-West regions are operated by employees who are US citizens located on US soil.

Data Protection

Outbound traffic control

Restrictions to prevent unauthorized outbound traffic from leaving the environment are controlled by an outbound proxy.

Restricted functionality

The functionality component that is not yet controlled by the customer and has the potential to result in US data egress due to user error has been temporarily deactivated.

  • Sharing Outside of the Workspace
    Sharing projects, releases, libraries, and manufacturing packages (“Send to manufacturer” function) with persons who do not belong to your Altium 365 GovCloud workspace is disabled.
  • Altium 365 Personal
    Users added to an Altium 365 GovCloud workspace cannot store any data in their Altium 365 Personal spaces.
  • PLM Integration
    PLM Integration Connection to third-party PLM systems is controlled by the administrator.
  • Client Systems
    Altium is not responsible for the configuration, security, and/or maintenance of customer-side systems, such as browsers or CAD tools, that connect to Altium 365 GovCloud. The customer is responsible for ensuring their systems are up-to-date and that the latest patches and updates have been installed.
Access Controls

Access to Workspace from Outside the US

Access to the workspace from outside the US is explicitly blocked, including access by US persons trying to access the workspace from another country. If you want to learn more about VPN access, click here.


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