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Z2Data Integration

Bridge the Information Divide

Shorten Time-to-Market


Altium 365 streamlines component sourcing by integrating Z2Data part data throughout the product development and production lifecycle, saving time and resources on part searching and validation.

Informed Decision-Making

Reliable and Informed Design Choices 2

Z2Data's comprehensive analysis of diverse data insights enables the identification of alternative components that may be affected by component availability or obsolescence.

Key Capabilities

Risk Analysis

Consider critical factors during part selection, including obsolescence projections, compliance status, technology, market availability, and even manufacturer risk with Z2Data's proprietary PCB part-scoring algorithm.


Centralized Electronic Component Database

Eliminate the need for multiple external component searches with Z2Data integrated directly within Altium 365.

Reliable Real-Time Data

Ensure accurate decision making from all stakeholders with reliable component information that’s backed by regular updates and strict data integrity protocols. Includes up-to-date component information including lifecycle, pricing, availability, and more.


Enhanced Workflow Efficiency

Reduce your administrative overhead and stay focused on productive design work with an integration that fits into your existing PCB design workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Z2Data Integration a part of Altium 365 or Z2Data subscription?

The Z2Data Integration needs to be bought separately and is not included in any existing subscription. The price is determined by the number of annual part queries. 

To get a free subscription for 150 queries/year, please fill out the form at the top of the page. If you want more queries, please contact our sales team.

What are (unique) part queries and how are they counted?

When you use Z2Data to obtain data for a specific component, it is considered one "part query." Should you need to access the same component's data again within the same annual billing period, it will not count as an additional query — each unique part is queried just once per year for billing purposes.

During the annual cycle, you'll have continuous access to the data for the parts you've queried, including any updates provided by Z2Data. Once the billing cycle ends, access to the previously retrieved data will be suspended. A new query for the part will be necessary to view the most current data after this point, which will then be counted in the new billing cycle.

Which data from Z2Data is currently included? (alphabetical order)

Evaluation / Basic Package: 

  • Alternatives / Crosses (up to 3)
  • Datasheet
  • Lifecycle + Z2Data Lifecycle forecast
  • Parametric Data - Multi-attributes
  • REACH status
  • RoHS Status
  • Z2Data Part Score
  • Z2Data Part URL

Premium Package:
Everything in Basic Package, plus

  • Compliance Risk
  • Country of Origin
  • Manufacturer Score
  • Market Risk
  • Multi-Sourcing Risk
  • Obsolescence Risk
  • Technology Risk

What are the technical requirements to use this integration?

You must have at least Altium Designer 24.0.1 and be connected with your Altium 365 Workspace.
We still recommend the latest Altium Designer version to access all the latest features.

If you use a local library, your library must add Part Choices or Supplier Links at the minimum.


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