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Data Retention Policy

All the data stored on Altium 365 must comply with the Altium Terms of Service . Altium will retain customer data for the periods of time defined below.

1. Expired Subscription

The Altium 365 workspace is available as a part of an Altium subscription level; once the subscription expires, the workspace enters the read-only mode. All the data remains accessible to the user, but the user cannot modify existing or author new data. Users with an expired subscription will see a warning message in Altium Designer when trying to connect to the workspace; all editing operations will be disabled. The web interface of Altium 365 will also display a warning message.

The workspace will remain in read-only mode for three months; during this time, users can export their data or renew their subscription to continue using Altium 365.  At the end of the third month, the workspace will be marked for deactivation. We will send two email notifications to the workspace owner during the fourth month, warning them about upcoming workspace deactivation. If we do not hear back during this period, we will deactivate the workspace and the data will no longer be accessible.

2. Expired Evaluation Subscription

When an Altium 365 evaluation subscription expires, the Workspace will enter read-only mode. We’ll send an email to the account owner notifying them when their Workspace will be deleted.

If the Workspace was used during the evaluation period, then it will be deleted in 3 weeks. Usage is any action performed within an Altium 365 Workspace except for logging in. If the Workspace was not used, it will be deleted in 1 week.

3. Abandoned Workspace

If Altium 365 workspace is not used for more than six months (by "used", we mean any user actions EXCEPT for logging into the workspace), such workspace will be considered abandoned.

During the seventh month of inactivity, we will send a series of emails to the workspace owner notifying them that the workspace will be deactivated due to inactivity. If we do not hear back during the seventh month or if the workspace usage is not resumed, we will deactivate the workspace.

4. Deactivated Workspace

Once the workspace is deactivated, it disappears from all user interfaces and becomes inaccessible to the users.

Altium will store the workspace for two months after deactivation. During this time, it is possible to reactivate the workspace upon request. If the workspace was deactivated as a result of subscription expiration, the organization has to renew their subscription prior to submitting the reactivation request. All organizations on subscription can submit a reactivation request through the Altium support system .

At a two-month mark, we take the snapshot of the workspace and delete the workspace itself from our systems.

Six months after the workspace is deleted the snapshot will be deleted.

5. Workspace Snapshot

A snapshot of a workspace is a backup of all the data and settings of the workspace, the entire workspace can be restored from a snapshot.