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Simplified Workflow and Increased Efficiency


Enhances the procurement process by consolidating component data within the Altium 365 platform. Procurement professionals benefit from this streamlined workflow, which also increases the efficiency for designers and supply chain specialists by having all the necessary information readily available during the whole design process.

Reliable and Informed Design Choices

Reliable and Informed Design Choices 2

By offering enriched part information and risk assessments, the integration allows procurement professionals, designers, and supply chain specialists to make informed decisions. This proactive approach in the decision-making process contributes significantly to the overall reliability and quality of the final design.

Key Capabilities

Direct Integration into your ECAD

Get direct access to extensive electronic component data directly within your ECAD system and BOM Portal. This integration is vital for stakeholders that require all necessary component information at their fingertips.

Comprehensive Data

SiliconExpert offers data on over a billion electronic parts, including everything from basic resistors to complex integrated circuits. This is an invaluable resource for all stakeholders to ensure that decisions are backed by thorough information at various stages of product development and procurement.

Accurate and Reliable

Maintaining high-quality data is at the core of SiliconExpert’s offering. Regular updates and strict data integrity protocols ensure that all stakeholders, from procurement to design, work with the most current and reliable component information.

Improved Risk Analysis

SiliconExpert’s risk analysis parameters provide a range of critical metrics that are vital for all team members involved in strategic decision-making. This allows for a complete view of potential risks and avenues for mitigation throughout the product development and procurement processes.

Discovering Alternatives

Navigating supply chain complexities and identifying part alternatives can often be a tedious task. The SiliconExpert integration simplifies this process by aiding in the discovery of the most suitable alternative parts for your project. The intuitive rating system provides at-a-glance insights into the viability of potential replacements, including considerations such as pin mapping compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the SiliconExpert Integration part of Altium 365 or SiliconExpert subscription?

The SiliconExpert Integration needs to be bought separately and is not included in any existing subscription. The price is determined by the number of annual part queries. If you want to know more about the prices, please fill out the form on top of our SiliconExpert webpage.

What are (unique) part queries and how are they counted?

When you use SiliconExpert to obtain data for a specific component, it is considered one "part query". Should you need to access the same component's data again within the same annual billing period, it will not count as an additional query — each unique part is queried just once per year for billing purposes.

During the annual cycle, you'll have continuous access to the data for the parts you've queried, including any updates provided by SiliconExpert. Once the billing cycle ends, access to the previously retrieved data will be suspended. To view the most current data after this point, a new query for the part will be necessary, which will then be counted in the new billing cycle.

Is it possible to use the SiliconExpert Integration with Enterprise On-Prem solutions or Altium 365 GovCloud?

For Altium 365 GovCloud (US only), the SiliconExpert Integration is already available. 
For the Altium 365 Enterprise On-Prem solution we are currently working on implementing it, however, we can't provide a release date yet.  

Which data from SiliconExpert is currently included? (alphabetical order)

Currently, we include the following SiliconExpert parameters:

Miscellaneous: Alternatives (Crosses), Countries of Origin, ECCN (Export Control Classification Number), HTSUSA (Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States), Last Check Date, Schedule B (Export Schedule B Number), SE Grade (Specific Grade or Category), TARIC (Integrated Tariff of the European Communities), UNSPSC (United Nations Standard Products and Services Code).

Environmental - Specific Certifications: Bisphenol A (BPA) Free, Halogen Free, Lead Free, Green (Eco-friendly certification).

Environmental - Global Compliance: California Proposition 65, China RoHS Status, EU SVHC List Version, EURoHS, Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive), ELV (End of Life Vehicle Directive).

Environmental - Substance Restrictions: Global PFAS Assessment Status, Inorganic Phosphorus Content, ODC (Ozone Depleting Chemicals), PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid), PFOS (EU Directive 2006/122/EC), Phthalates Content, Rare Earth Element Information.

Environmental - RoHS and REACH Compliance: RoHS Exemption, RoHS Status, RoHS Version, REACH Contains SVHC, REACH Restriction (Annex XVII), REACH SVHC Exceeds Threshold Limit, REACH(SVHC) Information, TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act.

General Compliance - Automotive Industry: Automotive, AEC Number, AEC Qualified.

General Compliance - Other Standards: IEC 62474, PPAP (Production Part Approval Process).

Overall Risk Assessment: Overall Risk, Overall Risk Percentage.

Lifecycle Risk Information: Estimated EOL Date (End of Life), Lifecycle, Lifecycle Risk, LTB Date (Last Time Buy), Obsolescence, Part Lifecycle Stage, YTEOL (Years-to-End-of-Life).

Multisourcing Risk: Crosses Available Within Part Category, Multi Sourcing Risk.

Compliance Risk: Conflict Mineral, RoHS Risk.

Inventory Risk: Inventory Risk, Other Sources.

Military Specifications: FSC (Federal Supply Classification), Military Part Number, Military Specification, Military Taxonomy, NSN (National Stock Number), Vendor Part Number.

I am missing some important parameters, can you add more parameters?

We are currently investigating which parameters and features to integrate next. Currently, our focus includes part change notifications (PCNs) and a proactive alert. If you have more suggestions, please share them with us in this Hotjar Survey.

What are the technical requirements to use this integration?

For Altium Designer:
You need to have at least Altium Designer 23.11 and need to be connected with your Altium 365 Workspace.
We still recommend the latest Altium Designer version to get access to all the latest features.

Your library needs to have Part Choices added - or at least Supplier Links, if you are still using a local library.

For Altium 365 BOM Portal (link): 
You need to have a column with the Manufacturer Part Number in your BOM Files. 


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