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Assembly Assistant

Fast and accurate manual board assembly.

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Accurate Component Placement


Components are displayed on-screen for quick assembly, identifying location and orientation, reducing errors and costly reworks.

Maximize Assembly ROI

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Save costs with Assembly Assistant over traditional PCB assembly methods, reducing equipment needed for efficient PCB prototyping.

Key Capabilities

Paperwork-Free Assembly

Gain efficiency and control, focusing more effectively on the assembly without switching between documents and tools.

Integrated BOM and Assembly Views

Assembly Assistant displays detailed Bill of Materials (BOM) components and connects them with 2D and 3D views of the board. This enables efficient cross-probing between a component and its physical location, allowing grouping by component or board side to enhance flexibility for varying assembly needs.

Tracked Assembly and Reporting

Tracked Assembly and Reporting

Track the progress of the assembly directly with the Assembly Assistant. You can mark each component as you mount it or skip it if necessary. Everything takes place within a connected Altium 365 workspace. Any changes in the design files are propagated to the Assembly Assistant, making sure you are always looking at the latest BOM and board layout.

Up-to-date Design Files with Integrated Information

Up-to-date Design Files with Integrated Information

Assembly Assistant syncs automatically with design updates, automatically updating the BOM so you always have the latest version

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